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St. Vincent Ferrer is by far the greatest miracle worker Christianity has ever seen. Over 700 miracles were read during his canonization and they stopped because there were too many documented cases for them to read.

He raised over 30 persons from the dead.

He delivered over 70 persons from demonic possession. Just the mention of St. Vincent’s name caused devils to flee.

He converted over 25,000 Jews, 8,000 Muslims, and many heretics to the Catholic Church. He could go into a Synagogue or Mosque and convert all of them in one homily.

He announced that he was the Angel of Judgment from the Apocalypse. When bystanders jeered at him for saying so, he raised a woman back to life who publicly testified that he was indeed the Angel of Judgment.

Despite all of these accomplishments, there is one particular one that is forgotten.

His obsession was Catholic unity. At the time, the Church was divided, not in faith, but in leadership. Up to three men claimed to be pope at the same time. One was in Rome, one in Avignon, and the other in Pisa. St. Vincent Ferrer was Avignon line’s greatest champion, and his influence led to half of the Catholic world giving allegiance to Avignon.

After years of defending the Avignon papacy, St. Vincent Ferrer became a sedevacantist officially on the Feast of the Epiphany, 1416 A.D., at the Castle of Majorca.

Using private judgment, St. Vincent Ferrer denounced his friend Pope Benedict XIII for going into schism because he wouldn’t step down with the other papal claimants in order that the Church could be unified under one pope.

The great miracle worker had many followers and when St. Vincent Ferrer declared the Chair of Peter empty, nearly the whole Catholic world pulled away their allegiance to all papal claimants making way for Pope Martin V.

Without St. Vincent Ferrer, the Great Schism would have lasted many more years.

St. Vincent Ferrer’s example destroys all arguments against the principles of sedevacantism that no warnings, no declarations, etc. are necessary to know that a pope has lost his office due to heresy or schism.

Some might argue that the Avignon line was never the valid line anyway. However, that is a matter of opinion since the Annuario Pontificio technically is not an official Catholic document. It’s all beside the point because St. Vincent believed Benedict XIII was the true pope who lost his office automatically without any declaration from the Church. St. Vincent also rejected the Roman line throughout as well.

St. Vincent Ferrer, a Dominican highly educated in the Faith, became a sedevacantist by his own judgment against his friend, Pope Benedict XIII.

He knew his Faith, and he put it into practice.

St. Vincent Ferrer, pray for us!


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