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Once upon a cold and quiet night

Clear skies were filled with heavenly light


Came across a desert from afar

A woman with child under this star


On a donkey’s back did she abide

With her husband walking by her side


They came to a town called House of Bread

And were told, go somewhere else instead


But one native there said, “You come here,

You may stay in my stable that’s near.”


This holy night was born our Savior

Behold, our God and only Savior


Mary had laid Him in a manger

But to this world He was a stranger


Not in splendor did he come to save

But in this humble and little cave


From the fields, shepherds had come to see

Little Lord Jesus, all glory be


Then came the wise men with all their gifts

Along with hugs, kisses, and lifts


That’s why at every Christmas time we should all care

To take the time for sharing and meaningful prayer


But his cannot be the end of the story

For Christ shall come again in all His glory


Christmas 1995

Steven Speray

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