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To the nine Catholics who defended Efrain Cortes but then vanished: PLEASE IDENTIFY YOURSELVES

Last week, I wrote an article that called into question Efrain Cortes’s website defense that he did not impersonate 9 commentaries posted on this blog.

I had accused Cortes of fabricating these commentaries since they all came from the same two computers located in an apt. community where he works.

Cortes complained to WordPress that I was making false accusations against him and WordPress shutdown my second expose’ of him.

In his defense of himself, Cortes did admit that the 9 commentaries including his own, came from the same two computers in the same apartment complex.

All the comments were in support of Cortes and yet none of the authors are known by him (although “john dern’ claims Efrain showed him private email debates, which Efrain denies), nor are they known by any local Catholics I know here in a small diocese where conservative and traditional Catholics make up a small group. Most of us are familiar with those who comprise these two camps.

Smell something fishy?

In private email exchanges he’s repeatedly said he’s not interested in finding these 9 catholic supporters of his, and he’s not interested in publicly asking them to come forward and identify themselves, thus ending this debate. But wouldn’t this reaction, along with his refusal to answer pertinent questions, be the reaction of one who is guilty?

Not one of the 9 contacted me to prove they exist.

How many of us would follow such a debate, participate in it, learn that one of the debaters was alleging we were fictitious, but we said nothing in protest?

How likely is it that 9 Catholics would remain silent when they were publicly treated as the product of impersonation, let alone that they all wrote from one of two computers located somewhere in the apt. community where Efrain just happens to work?

A friend has asked Efrain to tell him the address of that community to see if the dwellers in that community really do have access to those computers, but what was Cortes’ response?

Cortes refuses to answer. So what’s he hiding?

However, I will gladly admit I’m wrong, (and this is a perfect time for Cortes to prove me wrong) but I first want to know if those two computers exist at all as Cortes states from a computer center in some apartment complex.

If there are such free computers, then an easy test will confirm whether they sent the comments or not.

Will Cortes do the Christian thing and tell us where those computers are so the truth can be known?

I submit that Cortes is doing all that he can to save face because his whole story is just too incredible to believe, but I could be wrong.

If Cortes is reading this, he knows that I’ve done nothing wrong with making this appeal and he would, in fact, be lacking Christian charity if he attempts to silence me.

Not only that, his silencing me would prove to you and me that he’s been lying the whole time. .

But I want to be fair.

I now ask that these nine people, who suddenly disappeared into thin air and never came to Efrain’s defense: please come forward and identify yourselves.

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