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Church law requires only cardinals to elect the pope, but it’s by Divine right that Peter has successors. [1]

Professor and Cardinal Louis Billot, S.J. taught, “When it would be necessary to proceed with the election, if it is impossible to follow the regulations of papal law, as was the case during the Great Western Schism, one can accept, without difficulty, that the power of election could be transferred to a General Council…Because natural law prescribes that, in such cases, the power of a superior is passed to the immediate inferior because this is absolutely necessary for the survival of the society and to avoid the tribulations of extreme need.” (De Ecclesia Christi)

[1] Vatican 1 Canon declared, “if anyone then says that it is not from the institution of Christ the Lord Himself, or by Divine right that the blessed Peter has perpetual successors in the primacy over the universal Church . . . let him be anathema.”

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Withholding assent and obedience to those judgments and decrees of the Apostolic See, whose object is declared to relate to the general good of the Church and its right and discipline, provided it does not touch dogmas of faith or morals, IS A SIN AND THE LOSS OF CATHOLIC PROFESSION. [1]

Pope Pius XII declared:

“Actually, only those are to be included as members of the Church who have been baptized and PROFESS THE TRUE FAITH…” (Mystici Corporis Christi, June 29, 1943.)


[1] Pope Pius IX taught:

“And, we cannot pass over in silence the boldness of those who “not enduring sound doctrine” [II Tim. 4:3], contend that “without sin and with no loss of Catholic profession, one can withhold assent and obedience to those judgments and decrees of the Apostolic See, whose object is declared to relate to the general good of the Church and its right and discipline, provided it does not touch dogmas of faith or morals.” There is no one who does not see and understand clearly and openly how opposed this is to the Catholic dogma of the plenary power divinely bestowed on the Roman Pontiff by Christ the Lord Himself of feeding, ruling, and governing the universal Church…Therefore, by our Apostolic authority, we reprobate, proscribe, and condemn all the singular and evil opinions and doctrines severally mentioned in this letter, and will and command that they be thoroughly held by all children of the Catholic Church as reprobated, proscribed and condemned.” (Quanta Cura, Dec 8, 1864.)

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The Church founded by Christ is Holy. This Second Mark of the Church is de fide.

The First Vatican Council declared that “in the Apostolic See the Catholic religion has always been preserved untainted, and holy doctrine celebrated.”

The Council of Trent, Session XXII, Can. 7: If anyone says that the ceremonies, vestments, and outward signs, which the Catholic Church uses in the celebration of Masses, are incentives to impiety rather than the services of piety: let him be anathema [cf. n. 943]. (D. 954.)

Pope Gregory XVI declared, “Furthermore, the discipline sanctioned by the Church must never be rejected or branded as contrary to certain principles of the natural law. It must never be called crippled, or imperfect or subject to civil authority.” (Mirari Vos)

Pope Leo XIII declared, “There must need be also the fitting and devout worship of God, which is to be found chiefly in the divine Sacrifice and in the dispensation of the Sacraments, as well as salutary laws and discipline. All these must be found in the Church, since it continues the mission of the Saviour forever. The Church alone offers to the human race that religion – that state of absolute perfectionwhich He wished, as it were, to be incorporated in it. And it alone supplies those means of salvation which accord with the ordinary counsels of Providence.” (Satis Cognitum)

Pope Pius XI declared, “Not least among the blessings which have resulted from the public and legitimate honor paid to the Blessed Virgin and the saints is the perfect and perpetual immunity of the Church from error and heresy.” (Quas Primas)

A Church that promotes erroneous or heretical teachings or practices by law and decree would not be holy. Even the liturgy is perfect. This article of faith is denied by many because the laws, the liturgy, the practices, or the doctrines are considered crippled, harmful, and unholy.

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papal symbol

Due to the fact that many points I make in articles are being overlooked or forgotten, I’ve decided to highlight them in a series of articles. I will add other points relative to sedevacantism and the attacks against it.

The current position of most all sedevacantists is that none of the Vatican 2 popes have lost the pontificate. They never had it. Therefore, all the arguments about a pope losing his office do not actually apply to sedevacantism.

However, our position is the same about how a pope loses his office by way of heresy, apostasy, or schism. He loses it automatically on his own without a declaration from the Church. It’s called defection of faith and canons 188.4 and 1325 cover it.

According to the Church, no one, not even the whole Church, can judge or declare a true pope as a heretical antipope. No one is needed to say that an antipope is an antipope. Therefore, all arguments advocating judging or declaring a true pope heretical are itself heresy.

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