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Frontline ER Doctor From Viral Video Fired From Job

Frontline Doctors Speak Out ON COVID Cures and Misinformation

The Censorship Dam Is Breaking! More Doctors Speak Out

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The 4 major companies that produce most all of the vaccines today have spent billions in lawsuits from producing medicines that injure or kill. The law allows these companies to produced vaccines without any liability. They can’t be sued and there is no incentive in producing safe vaccines. Why would we expect their vaccines to be safe when their medicines are not?

50% of the FDA’s budget comes from vaccine companies. The CDC has a $11.5 billion budget and $4.9 is buying, selling, and distributing vaccines. The CDC is a vaccine company and owns 57 vaccine patents. It makes money on every vaccine it sells.

Now translate this info with the inflated infected and death rates of covid19 with the mask mandate influenced by the CDC.

Your health is not the bottom line.

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The David Knight Show

The David Knight Show

KY skywriter puts “OBEY” in the sky, parents shut down meeting to impose mask regulations in Utah & Georgia Gov Kemp pushes back on Democrat Mayors’ mandates



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Phony Pandemic Testing, George Soros, Money Laundering – Global Donations to blacklivesmatter . com funneled to DNC, and the coming war are discussed.



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and how we’re being tortured by the state using CIA methods

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I’m sad to hear my old friend, Mr. Hutton Gibson has passed away. He had been most gracious to me. He helped me with my grammar and edited out a hundred typos from my book, “Papal Anomalies and Their Implications.”

I first received an email from Mr. Gibson in 2010 asking to publish one of my articles on his website. He wrote, “It so happens that I have nothing to post this week, and I would be delighted to display your reply, if only to demonstrate that I am not the only nut in this business.”

I was blown away.

He was very kind and he would always sign his name, Hoot.

I’ll be praying for him and I hope you will, too.

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Darrin McBreen



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Greg Reese

An urgent message from American farmers



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