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I sent the following on Mon, 26 Nov 2018 20:16:55 GMT

Dear Ann Barnhardt,

In your latest video, you claim that your email box fills up “all day, every day” with emails from sedevacantists who are more interested in killing rather than converting Jews, holocaust deniers, and schizophrenic conspiracy theorists such as “flat-earthers.”

The problem is that you lump all sedevacantists together with the fringe groups and you do so to smear the position of sedevacantism. Ironically, you’re doing this because you’re complaining about being falsely accused of being a sedevacantist. In other words, you smear us as a defense of being falsely accused of being us because you think its a smear.

Regardless, as stupid as the belief in a flat-earth or perhaps a real or fake holocaust, none of these things are heresies against the Church. You make an issue out of these weird fringe groups as what happens when you go schismatic from what you call “Holy Mother Church” i.e, the Vatican 2 religion complete with a mass devoid of 80% of traditional prayers, faulty consecration, altar girls, women lectors and Eucharistic ministers, and “popes” who worship with Protestants, Muslims, pagan witches and warlocks, while promoting by decree and law one heresy after another like religious liberty, communicatio in sacris with non-Catholics, and a formally divided Church of Christ. You also have inside your church the massive problem of those who reject the Real Presence, papal infallibility, purgatory, and the condemnation of abortion and artificial birth control and particularly homosexuality, which is literally everywhere from the bottom to the top.

Who’s really in heresy and schism?

Come on, now. You’re smarter than that.

Steven Speray


My letter is a reply to the following video.



By the way, I don’t believe in a flat-earth. I believe Hitler was evil and his regime killed at least a million Jews and Catholics, but I don’t believe the six-million number because of its symbolism in Judaism and for a few other reasons.


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