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Timewatch – The Myth of the Spanish Inquisition (BBC 1994)

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The Remnant’s Fiasco

Note: The above article is a revised edition. I revised it because I wanted to be fair with Robert Siscoe who thought I misrepresented him. The original article had Siscoe’s name on the title. He asked me to remove his name and then threaten me if I didn’t. Out of charity I removed his name. His threats meant nothing as I told him over the phone.

Since then, Siscoe has posted a note of his own against me claiming: After Mr. Speray read the following refutation of his piece, he entirely re-written his original article and reposted it on his website.

This is not true. I didn’t entirely rewrite the article. I actually kept nearly all of the original. I had to change the following: THIRD ERROR: The automatic penalty of excommunication for clerics is in the internal forum only. Because Siscoe claimed he never said it. However, I have a witness who will testify that Robert Siscoe did in fact say it and then lied about it when I posted the article.  Siscoe continues…

He provided his readers with no indication that he made any changes. In fact, he retained the original date.  The completely revised article is now posted on Novus Ordo Watch with the original title and original date. This is this sort of dishonest tactic that causes many to doubt the sincerity and honesty of the Sedevacantists. The original version was saved by this author and is available upon request.) I have the original to prove it. 

Siscoe was sent my revised version BEFORE he published his version and then makes these accusations.

Siscoe and Salza are big hypocrites who do what they denounce others for doing or what they falsely claim others are doing.

I have the original version of the article, too. I don’t take back anything I said in the original.

Since the publication of this article, Robert Siscoe wrote a reply titled “Answering a Sedevacantist Critic.” I wrote a response to his silly piece here:

Click to access steven-speray-responds-to-robert-siscoe-and-the-remnan1.pdf


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