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Not all pseudo-traditionalists hold to all of the following propositions, but all pseudo-traditionalists hold some of them. You’ll even find they hold some of the same absurdities as Feeneyites.


1. The Catholic Church has been promulgating heresy since the Second Vatican Council and perhaps in much older councils, laws, and papal decrees.

2. The Catholic Church is one despite the fact that it’s divided in faith, such as the pope’s belief and their own.

3. The Catholic Church is holy despite its heretical teachings and practices.

4. The Catholic Church is no different from Protestantism as far as having heresy.

5. Protestant and Eastern Orthodox religions are false religions because they teach heresy, but the Catholic Church remains the true religion when it teaches heresy through an ecumenical council and other papal decrees.

6. The pope can be a public heretic. He doesn’t have to profess the Catholic faith but every other Catholic must profess it to be a member of the Church.

7. The pope can be judged as pope for heresy, but only a council of bishops can do so.

8. The pope can be resisted in doctrine. Withdrawing obedience to a true pope is not schism.

9. Heretical popes lose office only when the whole church realizes they are heretics.

10. The whole church can be heretical as long as they’re not aware they are professing heresy.

11. The pope has to be warned to establish that he is pertinacious.

12. Falling into heresy is not defection of faith.

13. Catholics can use personal judgment against papal teaching, but sedevacantists can’t use personal judgement whether the questionable pope is really the pope.

14. Heresy and heretics are occult until declared notorious by the Church.

15. The end justifies the means such as when popes break divine law to help convert non-Catholics.

16. Contend that “without sin and with no loss of Catholic profession, one can withhold assent and obedience to those judgments and decrees of the Apostolic See, whose object is declared to relate to the general good of the Church and its right and discipline, provided it does not touch dogmas of faith or morals.”

17. The Gates of Hell and the Gates of the Church are one and same thing.

18. The magisterium is authentic when it teaches the truth, but when the same magisterium teaches error, it’s fake.

19. The Catholic Church can’t exist without a pope despite the fact it exists when popes die.

20. Obscure theologians and canonists from hundreds of years ago are to be accepted over Doctors of the Church and post-Vatican I theologians and post-1917 code canonists.

21. Sedevacantists are spiritually blind for not seeing these absurdities as true.

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