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John Salza, “Fr.” Brian Harrison, Tim Staples, and our local so-called traditional “Fr.” John Rickert FSSP attempt to debunk Sedevacantism by using Canon Law.

You’ll find them using such laws as Canon 2232 of the 1917 Code.

The problem with using any canon law to debunk sedevacantism is due to the fact that simple logic dictates that a non-member of the Catholic Church cannot be the head of the Catholic Church as pope.

Formal heretics are non-Catholics.

Non-Catholics are not members of the Catholic Church.

When “Fr.” Rickert was asked if a formal heretic is a non-Catholic, he played games and responded, “Define a non-Catholic.” So his silly game was played. When he was given the answer, “A non-Catholic is someone who is not a member of the Church.” he never replied back. He saw quite clearly where the questioning was going, and he didn’t want to go there.

Those antisedevacanters, such as “Fr.” Rickert, that use canon laws as 2232, are making the argument that a formal heretic can, at the same time, be pope. In other words, they are arguing by using canon law to justify that a non-member of the Church can, at the same time, be head of the Church.

This is contrary to the Divine law of God and simple logic. Canon law cannot be used against Divine law as they are doing.

Why do antisedevacanters use such arguments?

They hope to win the debate by default because they simply cannot defend their “pope” as pope any other way.

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