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Recently, my children have been watching the old TV series titled “The Tall Man” which is about Billy the Kid played by Clu Gulager. The TV series has reminded me of the true story of Sister Blandina Segale who once confronted Billy the Kid. I first learned about Sister Blandina 15 years ago from homeschooling my children. The nun’s story is told in “Christ and the Americas” by Anne W. Carroll. In looking up more about the good nun, I found the following 1967 TV episode titled “Lost Sheep in Trinidad” from the TV series “Death Valley Days.” It’s about Sister Blandina’s meeting with Billy the Kid.



Sister Blandina had another run-in with Billy the Kid not shown in the episode. Apparently, Billy the Kid was about to rob the stagecoach that Sister Blandina was riding. When they pulled out their guns, the nun commanded them to put them away. As Billy rode up to the stagecoach, he tipped his hat and bowed at Sister Blandina, then rode away. Only she knew who it was.

I’ve included another episode of Sister Blandina from “Dark Valley Days.” The episode is titled “The Fastest Nun in the West.”



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