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In 2001, Michael Rose published “Ugly as Sin,” which showed how the Vatican 2 religion builds its new churches. Over the past several years, http://www.NovusOrdoWatch.com has published numerous posts showing more of the same in Germany, Austria, and Italy. [1] (See Footnote for a list of them.) N.O.W. included American churches as well.

Paul Joseph Watson has posted two interesting videos explaining the purpose of the new architecture throughout the world and why architecture is important:

Why Modern Architecture SUCKS – YouTube

Latest Atrocities in Modern Architecture – YouTube

(There may be bad language in some of Watson’s videos)

I don’t have to look any further than my surrounding communities in Kentucky and find the same hideous buildings called “Catholic Churches.”

In my hometown, St. Leo’s is one of those churches built in 1989. The late Fr. McDonald (one of my old confessors) was responsible for this design and he loved it. I remember telling him I how Protestant it looked. 

I took the following pictures of St. Leo Church on 1/22/23. 

The entrance isn’t that bad as you’re welcomed with big statues of Mary and Joseph.

The Protestant-styled outside is reflected in the inside. It’s big, cold, and mostly empty. It smelled nice, but it didn’t feel nice. There was a lady praying up front behind the altar. When I grew up in the Vatican 2 sect, we didn’t hang out in the sanctuary, because that was considered a sacred area. We didn’t feel entitled to do anything but clean the sanctuary after mass. There’s obviously not the same reverence anymore. Then again, these churches reflect the irreverent Vatican 2 faith.

The old St. Leo’s is still standing and now used for Chiropractics. It’s small but has a traditional Catholic style. It was built in 1893.  

The next town just north of us is Frankfort, the capital city of Kentucky. Their church is Good Shepherd. The old Church was absolutely beautiful! Pictures of the old church are found here. 

However, the new Good Shepherd Church built in 1997 is quite the contrary. I’ve been told by reliable sources that another one of my old confessors, the late Fr. Keller designed the new church. We considered him a staunch conservative, too. 

I took the following pictures of Good Shepherd on 1/20/23. As I was taking these pictures, one of the parishioners said to me, “Isn’t it a beautiful church?” God love the man, but how sad. It looks like anything but a Catholic Church. In fact, when I showed my non-Catholic friend the following picture, he said, “That’s a church? I drive by it all the time and didn’t know what it was.” 

The inside feels cold and completely devoid of God. At least, there’s a fairly nice crucifix.  

There’s a nice image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the following picture. It has no big statues worth noting. The Stations of the Cross are just pitiful. We had bigger and nicer ones in St. Lawrence Catholic Church back in the 1970’s and 80’s, which is a church that could barely hold a hundred people. 


I thought Good Shepherd was the worst ever until I visited the next church. I took the following pictures on 1/26/23

You are looking at the back view of Pax Christi of Lexington, Ky, which you see from Man-O-War Blvd. The following picture is the front of the Church where you enter. 

The next pictures are the east and west sides of the building.

If you think the outside is bad, it actually gets worse in the inside. The other two churches felt cold and empty, but this makes you feel like you’re being mocked. Catholic architecture should give glory to God, but Pax Christi is anti-Catholic. If you remember my post 

Breakfast with a Novus Ordo Priest

 you’ll remember the celebrated Larry Hehman, who just so happens to be the priest behind Pax Christi. 

The following pictures show the altar.

The left side of the altar is the choir and family room.

They went out of their way with the Stations of the Cross (3 examples below). All I can say is it’s SORRY!

The following picture is an armless Christ without the Cross, which is mounted behind the “sanctuary.” Think about the symbolism of this image. The devil hates the Cross and behold, it’s missing. We work with our arms and hands. Priests who represent Christ have their hands anointed. Why are the outstretched arms and hands of Christ amputated? This blasphemous depiction is par for the course for such a satanic church. 

Not only is the Vatican 2 faith devoid of the sacred, so are their church buildings. I guess they gutted the churches to reflect the gutted sacredness of the Catholic faith from the Vatican 2 religion. There’s no reason why the churches should look traditional, when the religion and its leaders aren’t. 

The Catholic Faith heals and strengthens souls. Not so with the Vatican 2 religion. It’s a sick religion that makes souls sick. Their architecture alone demonstrates this fact. The heresy of modernism is even in their architecture, which is more of the rotten fruit of Vatican 2. Millions of dollars are spent on these awful churches and their parishioners keep giving more money to the organization that keeps feeding them garbage in their giant garbage can churches. Most of them love their churches or don’t care at all. Their sickness of soul is beyond me. 

I could have continued in my leg work of going from church to church. I could have included several more churches in Lexington, such as St. Elizebeth Ann Seton or Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary. I think the cathedral is bad, too, but you get the idea. I’m sure every big city has its own new ugly so-called Catholic churches.

For the road, I’ve included below 3 more modernists church buildings found in the diocese.

The following pictures were taken from https://cdlex.org/parish-finder/?swLat=32.45131389745787&swLng=-90.817062415625&neLat=43.25875336670313&neLng=-78.204757728125

Jesus Our Savior Church in Morehead, KY

Sts. John and Elizabeth Church in Grayson, KY

St. Sylvester Church in Waynesburg, KY



Footnote [1]

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