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Benedict XVI’s good friend Cardinal Christoph von Schönborn has a good shot at being elected in the next conclave. He’s been hailed as a conservative by the Diocese of Lexington’s radio station WMJR.

However, he’s as bad as any conciliar cardinal out there.

On a 2007 Valentine’s Day event “Mass Blessing for Lovers,” homosexual couples invited by the Rector Father Anton Faber were blessed by the priest in the Cathedral of St. Stephen in Vienna with the blessing of Cardinal Schönborn. [1]

The Vienna Cardinal also admitted an open practicing homosexual to the office of the parish council.

Cardinal Schönborn told an Austrian TV program, that homosexual partnerships should have legal protection Its also been reported that in June 2011, he intervened with the Catholic Liechtenstein princely family in order to dissuade them to be against a homosexual registrations.

That makes at least “three Roman Catholic cardinals in favor of a positive appreciation of homosexual ‘civil unions’ ”. The other two cardinals include: Martini and Woelki. [2]

Did we hear anything from the Holy See and Benedict XVI?

Who will be the next roaring lion to lead the prowl of the counterfeit Catholic Church seeking whom they can devour?

I’m sure whoever it is, not-so-Catholic Answers and Relevant Radio will help in the hunt.


[1] http://www.traditioninaction.org/Questions/B112_ViennaCardinal.html

[2]  http://www.pius.info/streitende-kirche/980-homosexualisierung/7272-katholische-kirche-kurswechsel-beim-thema-homosexualitaet-

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It’s time to nip it in the bud.

Irrefutable evidence that Rome is not Catholic.

Rome Great Her Rome Great Apost

You won’t find any Vatican 2 apologist even attempting to defend this nonsense from the conciliar popes.

It’s simply too devastating.

The Devil’s game is over!

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Now that Benedict is retiring to a monastery, what happens next?

First of all, the Church doesn’t disappear, or cease to be visible. The Gates of Hell won’t prevail. Nor will anything else leveled against sedevacantism, because the Church can exist without a pope for a very long time. So far, it’s lasted without a true pope since 1958 and going 10,000 plus strong!

The next claimant must be rejected as a Catholic pope unless he retracts all the errors of the last 50 years. We must presume that he’s just another secular head of state only until the contrary is proven.

However, if the next claimant in fact manifestly retracts all errors of the conciliar popes, he could assume the papal office despite the fact that he was elected by invalid cardinals. History has given precedents.  In the past, antipopes have assumed the office of pope without ever having a lawful election. One of those popes is a saint in the Church.

There would be no reason to reject an unlawfully elected pope if he’s universally recognized as a claimant to the papacy with the historic Catholic Faith and manifestly rejects all the nonsense before him.

What are the chances of such a happening? It would probably take a miracle. Do you believe in miracles?

I can tell this much, no one wants a true pope more than us long-suffering sedevacantists.

But if it doesn’t happen, the next best thing would be for the worst possible candidate to be elected. A claimant that is so bad, that even the most harden anti-sedevacanters would have to accept the position.

Are we living during the Great Apostasy foretold in Holy Scripture and the universal testimony of the early Church fathers? According to Holy Writ, this event immediately precedes the Second Coming.

If not, then we will come out eventually from this terrible situation and the succession of popes will continue as usual.

I personally believe we’re at the end of time. Sister Lucia of Fatima told Fr. Fuentes that these are “the last times of the world.”

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